Your BFF Bundle

Rs.4,050 Rs.4,500

Seredipity is here to cherish your bonds with Your BFF Bundle by keeping your exclusivity in check. This bundle is offering you the ultimate trio of lip and cheek tints, designed to give you a range of options for any occasion. This bundle includes three popular tints Cherry On Top, Peach Keen, and What A Melon.Β 

Cherry On Top Tint is a bright red tint that adds a pop of color to your lips and cheeks. Peach Keen Tint is a soft peach tint that adds a subtle, natural-looking flush to your lips and cheeks.

What a Melon will be your everyday essential as it gives you a glossy and glam look.

Your BFF Bundle is perfect for anyone who loves to switch up their makeup looks or wants to have options for any occasion.

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