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Lip Cookie
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Lip Cookie
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Lip Cookie

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1.    Softens and Moisturizes 

Lip Cookie is a great moisturizer for dry, cracked lips since it improves skin hydration. Vitamin E and almond oil, rich in Seredniptiy’s Lip Cookie, contain ingredients that moisturize and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

2.    Protects from Pollution 

Lip Cookie helps protect your lips from sunburn and environmental damage by repairing and revitalizing skin cells and boosting the skin's natural immunity.

3.    Lips Repair

Many people suffer from cracked and chapped lips, not only in winter but also in summer. To soothe and improve damaged lips’ skin, use Lip Cookie.

4.    Soft and Plumpy Lips

Adding Vitamin E-rich Lip Cookie to your beauty routine will help naturally enhance your lips' plumpness, fullness, and softness!

5.    Aids in the Healing of Wounds

Applying almond oil and vitamin E-rich Lip Cookie to cracked and chapped lips will help them heal faster and prevent them from further injury.

6.    Treats Sun Damage

Because lips are so delicate, even a small amount of sun exposure can cause irritation, dryness, and peeling. Serendipity’s Lip Cookie help protect lips from sun damage and soothe them.

How to use Lip Cookie?

Take a little Lip Cookie and gently apply it to your dry, discolored lips with your fingertip.


Active ingredients:

Vitamin E

Almond Oil



Almond Oil, BHAs, Vitamin E, Tocopherol acetate, Soft paraffin

Food Grade Color, Polysorbate