Tea Tree Skin Toner
Tea Tree Skin Toner
Tea Tree Skin Toner
Tea Tree Skin Toner
Tea Tree Skin Toner
Tea Tree Skin Toner

Tea Tree Skin Toner

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Benefits of Tea Tree Toner By Serendipity

The Tea Tree is widely renowned for its topical antibacterial and anti-fungal characteristics, which help target and treat blemish-prone skin. It also lowers oil and sebum production on your skin while leaving it moisturized.

It Reduces Skin Pores

To reduce excessive oil and get smaller pores, apply 3,4 drops of our tea tree skin toner to a soft cotton ball or pad and gently blot and wipe your face with it.

It keeps the skin's PH balanced.

The use of soaps disturbs your skin’s pH balance. When this happens, your skin has to work extra hard to restore balance (which can result in an oily appearance), but applying a Tea Tree Skin Toner helps restore this balance quickly.

It offers an extra layer of security.

Our Tea Tree Toner can help seal pores and shrink cell gaps after using, minimizing pollutants and environmental toxins from penetrating the skin.

It revitalizes the skin.

When your skin is oily or has dirt build-up, you can apply our tea tree toner instead of cleansing it. After applying, It will keep reviving your skin even after you get busy with your routine work.


How To Use?

Apply gently all over the face with a cotton pad. Follow up with a moisturizer. Use it twice a day for better results.


Melaleuca alternifolia, Aloe barbadensis, Rosewater, Aqua.

Caution: For daytime, follow with a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or

greater. In case of any allergic reaction, discontinue using it and consult your