Summers usually steal our thunder to Glow. The harsh heat and sun rays make your skin ruthless, the excessive pollutants in the environment cause different skin issues and direct UV rays create a tan layer on your skin. People face numerous skin-related problems such as sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. So, during this season you should always be ready to fight all the problems by adjusting your skin care products and routine. 

This summer you won't be fighting alone. Serendipity is here to help you win every battle with organic products and natural remedies. 

Many people around the globe underestimate the power of a daily skincare routine, but the truth is, it can make all the difference in the world when it comes to acquiring beautiful, glowing skin. Consistency is what makes it possible to achieve flawless, smooth, and healthy skin. 

A consistent skincare routine helps to keep your skin clean and free from dirt, oil, and other impurities. This is essential for preventing breakouts and maintaining a clear complexion. By cleansing your skin morning and night, you can remove any buildup that has accumulated throughout the day, as well as any excess oil that may be clogging your pores by leaving a ravishing glow on your face. 

Start with the basic:

Cleansing your skin at least twice a day with summer friendly face washes. You should change your cleanser in accord with the season because your face produces more oil when it's humid and hot outside. The most harm comes to oily skin since acne is caused by easily clogged pores.

Serendipity presents 2 different types of face washes (Dirtaway, Bright skin days)  of your choice to keep your skin cleansed and dirt free.

Screening out the Sun:

Sunscreen or sunblock is a must have when it’s about summer. An excess of UV exposure gradually worsens your skin, resulting in sunburn, wrinkles, fine lines, skin cancer, and early ageing. Invest in a sunscreen or sunblock minimum of SPF 30. Use it at least twice daily on your exposed skin.

Let your skin breathe:

Concept of wearing heavy makeup doesn’t really work in summers. Due to the humid environment you need to let your skin breath to avoid any sort of pore collagen and other skin problems. So it is better to wear light makeup and let your natural glow play the game. 

Tanning seems to be a problem?

Tanning is one of the most common issues during summers to solve this problem you will be needing a skincare to get rid of the unnecessary tan and to make that skincare precise and easy serendipity brings in The summer Glow bundle to make you glow like never before.

Consider toner the necessity:

Toners are necessary in the summer. Use a good toner to keep your skin clear of oil and dirt. Also, it aids in diminishing pore appearance. When using toner, pay close attention to your T-zone as this is the area of your face that produces the most oil during the day.

Consider toning necessary!

Toning is something that everybody misses out. Believe me when I say it’s a must to do during summers. Gives you an even tone finish. Hydrate your pores and get them ready to glow.

Summer  body-  Summer glow.

Must be wondering how to get that perfect summery glow and a nicely shaped body. The key is right in front of you, Exercise a bit. Make your body cells work up and let your skin breathe. Due to humidity in the air during summer season your skin doesn’t get enough oxygen to make your skin feel alive. You need to increase your physical activity to keep you and your skin perfectly fit. 

Don’t be someone’s 2am.

During summer our body really gets exhausted then in any other seasons to vanish the exhaustion all you gotta do is take proper sleep and avoid being someone’s 2am believe us he’ll come after your glow. 

Moisturisers are a must.

I know you don’t like the sticky texture but they are a must to apply. What you have to do is to find the perfect one for you. Serendipity is presenting 2 products: Skin douse and moisture surge. The perfect combo to keep your skin moisturised. 

Drink juice - eat healthy:

When somebody says it’s the best tip for glowing and healthy skin, GIRL! You take it quietly. What you eat presents how your skin is going to be. Eating too much oil girl you gonna get it back from your face. Increase the usage of juicy fruits and juices. It keeps you hydrated and helps to remove harmful toxins out of your body. 

Too hot- take a cold shower. 

When it’s steaming hot outside, the cold shower is the only solution. It controls acne breakouts by keeping your skin pores unclogged. It's also a lot more refreshing.

Serendipity is sending the love you need to glow this summer!